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Secrets of Next Level Entrepreneurs

Every business leader wrestles with at least one of these three topics: creating a winning business strategy, leading teams successfully through challenging times, and practising self-care. 

To master these topics, we share with you the best approaches for next-level entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. 

Discover 11 secrets to thrive in business and lead a fulfilled life. These lessons enable you to reach your next level.

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The Strategy Legacy

Available Fall 2023

Discover how to lead strategy and organizational identity faster than ever – and how to make your efforts stick!

The Strategy Legacy is perfect for leaders, practitioners, and entrepreneurs who want to shape the future of their businesses, without relying on external consultants.

Alex Brueckmann demonstrates actionable solutions you can put into practice right away, including a proven process for leading strategy design and implementation.

Alex skilfully blends proven methods, exercises, and tools into the actionable framework of The Nine Elements of Organizational Identity.

By applying his step-by-step process, leaders leverage impact-driven and value-based strategies, anchored in capabilities, culture, and management systems. The book highlights desirable outcomes, how to achieve them, and how to avoid pitfalls on the way.

“Strategy is critical to the success of any business, yet creating a plan, rallying your team behind it, and executing it can feel confusing and overwhelming. Alex’s latest book takes the guesswork out of developing a winning strategy in this powerful guide. Full of practical advice and relevant research, The Strategy Legacy will leave you equipped and ready to start making a real difference for yourself, your team, and your business today!”​
Marshall Goldsmith
Marshall Goldsmith
New York Times #1 bestselling author
“In an age of perpetual disruption and uncertainty, leaders need to rethink strategy. The Strategy Legacy provides valuable tools that incorporate identity, purpose, and heart to increase and sustain value creation in the long and short term. 
And ultimately, because of a broader set of factors and a process of including input throughout the organization, leaders can make a true lasting legacy.”
Sanyin Siang
Duke University professor, Thinkers50 #1 Coach

Strategy empowers. It allows us to consciously choose work that helps a businesses reach its vision, and to drop busy work. This essential characteristic of strategy is the reason why strategy is for everyone in an organization. Every individual needs to understand how they contribute to the bigger picture and why their work matters. It sparks creativity, drives motivation, and links individual performance to organizational goals.

Alex Brueckmann


Interactive Diagram

Click on any section of the diagram to get a description and an understanding of their function and characteristics.

Interactive Diagram
Purpose Principles Mission Vision Strategy Map Goals Targets Capabilities Management Systems


Purpose is your reason to exist.

Function: It provides meaning and orientation.

Characteristics: It addresses a good cause, is grand, and idealistic.


Principles are underlying values and behavioral guidelines.

Function: They provide a framework for decision-making, collaboration and desired behavior.

Characteristics: They are non-negotiable and universally valid within an organization.


Mission is what an organization does, and for whom.

Function: It defines an organization’s field of activity or business.

Characteristics: No frills.


Vision can best be defined as an organization’s state some years in the future.

Function: It paints a desirable picture that engages and motivates people.

Characteristics: It addresses hearts and minds of key stakeholder groups.

Strategy Map

A Strategy Map visually depicts an organization’s strategic priorities.

Function: It helps to steer towards the vision.

Characteristics: It addresses different stakeholder perspectives along the value chain.


Goals are the operational breakdown of strategy.

Function: They help move strategy into action.

Characteristics: They are SMART and the basis for individual targets.


Targets describe an individual’s contribution to implementing organizational identity.

Function: They create transparency, motivate, and make contribution matter.

Characteristics: They are role specific, addressing several elements of identity.


Capabilities are mission-critical skills for implementing organizational identity.

Function: They enable leaders and individual contributors to cope with change and live up to expectations.

Characteristics: They include occupational skills and a specific set of interpersonal skills.

Management Systems

Management Systems are frameworks to steer an organization.

Function: They help achieve strategic and operational objectives.

Characteristics: They support the status quo, not the change, and need to be adjusted.

Reader Reviews

The book is currently being produced. Here's what the early reviews say:

Jens Wöhler

Head of Global Customer Support, Roche Diagnostics (Switzerland)

My bookshelf and hard disk are full of theoretical management and strategy books, many of them unread. Alex’s book is very different because it is from a practitioner for practitioners! It is the book to prepare your business for the future. Especially for people like me – not born as a natural strategist – the logical, pragmatic connections between purpose, strategy, vision and mission are invaluable.
Parts of these concepts we tried out a couple of years ago very successfully. Now that I read this book I feel and smell in each line the continuous learning and optimizing. The framework developed into a complete identity design process, mature, pressure tested and easy to implement. Combined with very suitable illustrations and cartoons as well as examples and models – I liked the ‘chocolate layer cake’ the best – the book is fun to read. It triggered a lot of ideas about unleashing the potential of the organization and inspired me to re-start the identity process immediately. Many thanks, Alex!

Mark Notten

Managing Partner, Silver Peak Associates (Canada)

This book is a rare find, bringing clarity to the often fuzzy concepts that make up business strategy as a vehicle to deliver organizational identity. As I read the book I often found myself sharing the nuggets I encountered with my business partner, usually with a comment like “here’s something we can use!”.
Alex writes with intelligence, passion and humor, interconnecting his points with a combination of intuitive visuals, relevant anecdotes and practical resources, interspersed with some poignant cartoons. I discovered essential tools I could have used in my past as a CEO of fintech startups, and tools I will certainly find useful as an advisor to leadership teams. Leadership is all about people, culture and so many intangible things. This is where Alex shines in recognizing this important dimension of inspiring and affecting change.

Peter Slack

Executive Vice President Operations, Handicare Group (UK)

Without spoiling the surprise, in the dozens of strategy books I’ve read, I’ve never found one that so skilfully provides guidance to piece together the inspirational and aspirational with the quantitative measures and control to really align an organization’s identity.
In a refreshing departure from “cookie cutter” strategy books, Alex Brueckmann blends his corporate expertise and consulting experience to stitch together nine core facets of organizational identity. Throughout, he manages to avoid cliché, deftly weaving real-world experience with insightful wisdom, supported by practical examples. He provides compelling links between strategy, purpose and execution and the whole book is written as a practical, step-by-step guide to creating a powerful identity that’s inspirational and challenging.

Melanie Vongswang

Chief People Officer, Megaport (Australia)

Having worked in corporate industries for 20 plus years, my unexpected delight at discovering a book which talked to me as though I was in a lively & entertaining strategy workshop was a big surprise. I have not only 'refreshed' much of my own thinking on linkages between pillars such as purpose and its anchor to strategy, but, I've personally learned and gained more insight using principles such as the ‘balancing loop' and playing them out on the 'test' scenarios shared within.

Kai Roemmelt

Chief Operating & Chief Financial Officer, Hotchalk (USA)

Alexander has created a comprehensive strategy manual. It combines a stringent framework with academic research and practical advice. It is loaded with examples, both public and from his extensive experience that illustrate the concepts and highlights pitfalls and challenges.
The book provides a framework that is broken down into different components. It is so clear that anyone - even without in-depth strategy experience - can pick it up and get to work. Alex has done a particularly good job to highlight implementation down to even providing tools which also makes the book relevant to the experienced professional.

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