Design strategy that creates the business impact you want, with clarity and direction.

The WSJ bestseller by Alex Brueckmann

“Alex’s latest book takes the guesswork out of developing a winning strategy in this powerful guide. Full of practical advice and relevant research, The Strategy Legacy will leave you equipped and ready to start making a real difference for yourself, your team, and your business today!”  

– MARSHALL GOLDSMITH, New York Times #1 Bestselling Author

What clients say about working with Alex

Alex Brueckmann helps CEOs and executive teams design and implement impactful business strategies and human-centric high-performance leadership. His clients achieve a laser-sharp understanding of the direction they want to take their business, and a winning strategy to achieve their goals.

"Alex's true strength is the ability to adapt to the unique needs of our executive team. Whether it's developing strategy or facilitating leadership development, Alex demonstrates a remarkable capacity to tailor his methods for maximum relevance."
Brian Rogers
CRO Prospera
"At a pivotal period of growth, Alex guided our leadership team with unparalleled expertise and a masterful facilitation approach. He helped us shape a vision that inspired, and the crucial steps needed to strengthen our company's foundation."
Sandra Rand
VP Marketing
"Alex helped our team effectively define, construct, and roll out our strategy. He was very effective in engaging our team and challenged us to break the mold and think differently. His business and people insights were extremely helpful in guiding us."
Charles Byrd
Roche Diagnostics
"Alex did an excellent job of leading in-depth discussions on the future of the company and getting a high level of engagement from everyone. We left energized and set on a path of work streams to deliver on the goals we defined."
Phil Dias
Managing Partner Silver Peak Associates

9EOI Certification - For Leaders, Coaches, Facilitators

Lead strategy with ease and impact! 9EOI Certification is designed for individuals who want to become trusted partners in strategy.

Get certified in the method that helped create billions of dollars in value. 9EOI Certification is based on the Nine Elements of Organizational Identity – the model Alex introduces in his bestseller, The Strategy Legacy

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Intentional Strategy Toolkit

Discover the exact process to create a business strategy that helps you grow, instead of focusing on things that don’t matter to your bottom line. 

The Intentional Strategy Toolkit is your go-to resource for crafting a strategy that lasts, once and for all.

Say goodbye to simply gut-checking each potential opportunity, generating ideas left and right, and trying whichever you think might help you achieve your short-term goals the fastest.

Download the comprehensive tool that will help you build a strategy based on your dreams, goals, and vision for the future of your business.

Providing the tools you need

I help entrepreneurs build the tools they need today and in the future to maximize their resources.

Re-discovering your passion

I'll help you get rid of overwhelm and bring back the passion, so you fall back in love with your business.

Finding the path forward

I help you make measurable progress toward your vision and goals, prioritizing your best ideas.

Making you more profitable, faster

I'll help you optimize your business to help you save your most valuable resources, time and attention.

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