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What clients say about working with Alex

"Alex helped our team effectively define, construct, and roll out our strategy. He was very effective in engaging our team and challenged us to break the mold and think differently. His business and people insights were extremely helpful in guiding us."
Charles Byrd
Roche Diagnostics
"Working with Alex was a game-changer for our business and for me personally. I now have much more optimism for the future. It made me realize that the vision I had when I started out can actually be a reality."
Cathy Holler
CEO Momenti Travel
"Alex did an excellent job of leading in-depth discussions on the future of the company and getting a high level of engagement from everyone. It was productive and fun. We left energized and set on a path of work streams to deliver on the goals we defined."
Phil Dias
Managing Partner Silver Peak Associates

As a strategy facilitator, Alex knows that you are the expert in your field. You have everything you need to grow your business. Alex’s job is to help you combine your resources and ideas in a unique way. He brings the process and the questions that will change the game. You trust him, he trusts you. 

Together, you shape the most powerful business strategy you can think of. The collaboration is tailored to your needs, combining the methods that work best for you. These can include a combination of workshops, leadership coaching, strategy consulting, in person and virtually. Below are two examples, as a conversation starter.

Strategy Ignition workshops

Ignite your business and inspire your team with a Strategy Ignition Workshop delivering break-through results.

  • 1-2 days, highly interactive workshop 
  • Includes pre-engagement call to customize the workshop to your needs
  • Max 30 participants

In a Strategy Ignition Workshop, Alex guides you to create: 

  • Your new vision: the tangible description of the business you will bring to life
  • Your new strategy: the focus areas you will prioritize to make the vision a reality
  • Your leadership: how to measure success and follow through with your strategy

You will also learn: 

  • What it takes to design and execute an impactful strategy
  • How to shape your leadership to move faster and more successfully
  • How to build the capabilities that enable you to lead transformation

Let's Talk About Your Business

Find out how Alex can help you design a strategy that meets the future needs of your business.

Strategy Accelerator Coaching

If own a business with a small team, or prefer virtual over in-person work, Strategy Accelerator Coaching is ideal for you. This is a 1-on-1 fully individualized strategy facilitation path to create the growth strategy you want for your business. 

  • A series of virtual strategy coaching sessions for business owners
  • The sessions are 1-on-1 or can include your small leadership team

Through Strategy Accelerator Coaching you create: 

  • Clarity about the desired state of your business, 1-2 years from now
  • The dashboard to help you track of progress
  • Your priorities to bring your strategy to life

You will receive in addition: 

  • Lifetime access to Alex’s proprietary templates, checklists, worksheets, and guides
  • Session recordings for future reference
  • Selected reading materials and recommendations

Let's Talk About the Needs of Your Business

Find out how Alex can help you design a strategy that meets the future needs of your business.