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Alex delivers corporate keynotes and speaks at events, conferences, and festivals. Hire Alex to speak at your event and experience a highly energetic keynote based on his best-selling books.

Alex's main speaking topics & audience benefits

The 9 Elements For Breakthrough Success

Break through the gibberish and create an aligned understanding of leadership, strategy, and culture. With relevant real-life examples Alex engages your audience to create lightbulb moments about the key elements for success. The result: they strive for excellence and are able to shape strategy and culture like never before.

All it Takes are Eight Steps

Our stressful day-to-day can easily cause overwhelm for individuals and a lack of direction for organizations. Participants learn how to focus on what matters and get rid of shiny objects and distractions, based on Alex’s 8-step process. As a result, their work lives are more fulfilling, target-oriented, with unprecedented levels of motivation and performance. Driving results for the business.

No-one Cares About Your Why (as much as you do)

Purpose is complex and works in layers of meaning. Is it the right concept or should we explore alternative ideas that unite and provide direction in a better way? Your audience will move beyond purpose, to impact, for meaningful change. The result: participant don’t stop at why and instead advance to why not, going for wins that seemed too big, until today.

The Legacy Trident: A New Normal In Leadership

Inspired by his book The Strategy Legacy Alex lays out what leadership look like for the decade to come. Your audience learns about the mindset shifts of new leadership, the role of leaders in team of leaders, and how they can make a true impact. As a result, participants embrace a new normal of accountability and lead beyond the limits of their job description.

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