What the Heck is a Strategy anyway?

A couple of days ago, I posed this question to my LinkedIn network. There was a flood of responses that unveiled the essence of strategy in its various forms, partly inspired by thought leaders. Here’s a breakdown of the collective wisdom, highlighting some of the most interesting perspectives:

Maximum Force at Weakest Point: Pinpointing vulnerabilities and striking with where it hurts competitors the most, repeatedly and sustainably.

Solving Challenges to Reach Ambitions: Guiding organizations towards their aspirations with clarity and purpose.

Crafting a Compelling Narrative: Strategy is a story—a story of transformation, progress, and triumph that rallies individuals and organizations towards a common vision.

Innovating or Discovering a Formula to Win: Finding the secret sauce, the winning formula that sets you apart in a sea of competitors.

Rooted in Understanding Capabilities vs. the Market: A good strategy acknowledges the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, aligning them with market demands for a competitive edge.

Knowing What NOT to Do: Strategy is about figuring out what to exclude and making tough choices to carve a unique path forward.

Integrated Priorities: Making decisions that align to win in your market. Strategy is the art of synchronization towards a common goal.

Deliberate Differentiation: Standing out by being bold, unique, and refusing to get lost in the sauce.

I love all of these definitions. Use them as beacons of clarity. The next time someone tells you what strategy is, you are well equipped to listen, learn, and to add your 2 cents 😉

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Main image by Mateusz Wacławek