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Secrets of Next-Level Entrepreneurs

Every business leader wrestles with at least one of these three topics: creating a winning business strategy, leading teams successfully through challenging times, and practising self-care. 

To master these topics, we share with you the best approaches for next-level entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. 

Discover 11 secrets to thrive in business and lead a fulfilled life. These lessons enable you to reach your next level.

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Your key benefits from this book are:

  • Understanding the essence of building future-proof, profitable businesses 
  • Knowing how to lead teams in the new world of work to create impactful work cultures 
  • Discovering the steps to integrating your business and other important aspects into a balanced life.

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Reading this book, you start mastering the skills that make all the difference for successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. You will find fresh ideas helping you to overcome the challenges of strategy, leadership, and self care. This is when you stop the hustle and start to thrive.

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Meet the author

Alex Brueckmann is a strategy practitioner and board director with over 20 years of business experience. 

His clients range from SMEs to Fortune 50 companies. Alex works with executive teams and CEOs looking to achieve greater strategic clarity. He’s been praised for his honest ways of bringing actionable advice to entrepreneurs and executives. 

Alex is the author of “The Strategy Legacy” (Fall of 2023), which is based on his consulting work around the globe. 

He is an alumnus of European Business School (EBS) in Germany, and holds certifications from Harvard Business School and INSEAD.

He lives in Vancouver, Canada, with his wife and son.

Meet the contributors

Dr. Herman Simon

Sheetal Khullar
Global Sustainability Expert

Charlene Li
NYT bestselling author

Dr. Terry Jackson
Marshall Goldsmith 100coaches

Angela Howard
Culture impact strategist

Jerry Fu
Conflict resolution expert

Tony Martignetti
Fast Company executive board

Dr. Ken Keis
Personality assessment expert

Teresa Quinlan
Certified Coach CCF

Secrets of Next Level Entrepreneurs

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More about the book

In Secrets of Next Level Entrepreneurs, business strategist Alex Brueckmann presents a collection of practical and insightful resources that walk you through how to grow a profitable business while maintaining a healthy and fulfilling life. You’ll learn to run your company while, at the same time, contributing to and improving a community and world we all want to live in.

In the book, industry leaders offer hyper-specific and actionable advice about issues that dominate the thoughts of every business leader and owner at one point or another, from how to implement environmentally and socially sustainable practices to building high-performance workplace cultures and setting optimal pricing strategies in environments of high inflation.

You’ll also find:

  • Frequently overlooked perspectives and unfamiliar topics that hold huge value for courageous readers with open minds
  • Strategies for prioritizing self-care while running your business, ensuring you don’t neglect yourself while you’re taking care of everyone else
  • A philosophy that emphasizes the creation of sustainable, profitable businesses that contribute to the health of their founders, employees, stakeholders, and communities

A singular and powerful collection of resources for entrepreneurs, founders, managers, executives, board members, and other business leaders, Secrets of Next Level Entrepreneurs will also earn a place on the bookshelves of coaches, consultants, and other professionals who serve business leaders.

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